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Lutz Import & Export GmbH
The world in our hand.

We offer an international network of commercial products of all kinds whether in Asia or America - use our expertise and shop "around-the-world" and benefit from our years of experience as an agency.
Unternehmen Qualität & Nachhaltigkeit Produkte bei Lutz Logistik Mitarbeiter
Company Quality & Sustainability Products of Lutz Logistics Team
Who we are
Lutz GmbH is an owner-managed whole sale-trader with decades of experience in international purchasing of seasonal and all-saisons deco-items. We are specialized to the requirement of selected traders, traders and prozessors and develop an individual service packages for client. They expect and obtain a specialised counselling, profitable top-sellers, tested and aprouved, units needs based and deliverd just in time. We take care about customers order, regardless small quantity or high volume.

In order to offer customer very competetitice prices and conditions, we disclaim any intermediate trade and cooperate directly with producers in Europe, China and India.